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Unifiber Enduro EVO SDM C80 Mast

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Unifiber Enduro EVO SDM C80 Windsurf Mast
A performance Windsurf mast alternative for race sails and an excellent upgrade for freeride models.
A supreme blend of strength and quality responsiveness this 80% top quality carbon tool’s almost impossible to beat.
Available in Constant Curve, Hard top and Flex Top
Prices range from:
400cm €365 without Mastbag €380 with Mastbag
430cm €385 without Mastbag €400 with Mastbag
460cm €405 without Mastbag €420 with Mastbag
490cm €435 without Mastbag €450 with Mastbag
520cm €530 without Mastbag €545 with Mastbag
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