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School tours 2013 with Jamie Knox Watersports

School Tours 2013

School Tours 2013 with Jamie Knox Watersports

Jamie Knox Watersports in County Kerry has been offering quality watersports tuition for the last 20 years. We are once again offering a quality school tour package which provides a healthy, enjoyable and unforgettable experience that will give confidence, understanding and an appreciation of the outdoor environment.

Tailor made packages to suit your very own requirements available on request.

 Activity Options:

1: Surf’s up:

Surfing is getting ever more popular in Ireland and with miles of suitable coastline that is no surprise.
This introduction to surfing will teach the group how to paddle, catch a wave, stand up, and giving them the confidence to try it again.   
Session length: 1.5 hours
Group Size: 35 Max
Prices: 1-20 persons €20, 21-30 persons €16, 31+ persons €14
Age range: 8+

2: Aqua Splash:
1.5hrs of water fun, excitement on the water trampoline, Paddle Boats and Canoes 
Session length: 1.5 hours
Group Size: 30 Max
Price: 1-20 persons €15, 21-30 persons €12
Age range: 8+

3: Aqua Splash & Surf’s up:
Spend the whole day with us:-
1st sessions 1.5 hours: Surfing (Surf’s up)
2nd session 1.5 hours: water trampoline, kayaks and paddleboats (Aqua Splash)
Session length: 2x1.5 hours (3hrs Total water time)
Group Size: 75 Max (large groups will be split in half on the day)
Price: 1-20 persons €25, 21-30 persons €22, 31-50 persons €18 50+ persons €15
Age range: 8+

Need a Bus?
We can arrange all your transport needs

Safety on the water is paramount. All activities are fully supervised by qualified staff, buoyancy aids are worn and we have a safety boat in attendance at all times during the aqua splash sessions.

The centre is fully insured for all activities and is recognized by the Irish surfing association and Irish sailing association.

Book early to avoid disappointment, due to the specialist nature of our product capacity is limited.

Can’t see what you want? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to talk through your need and requirements.

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