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Gath Helmets At Jamie Knox Watersports

Gath Helmets at Jamie Knox Watersports

We have just recently restocked our Surf shop with Gath Surf Helmets, We currently have the surf standard and surf convertible helmets for maximum protection and comfort. 


Here's what the Gath team have to say:


The world famous Gath helmet brand is set to make a resurgence back into the UK and Irish market. Gath say they have seen a huge increase in interest in their lids recently and they put it down to the fact that the level of windsurfing, Surfing, Kitesurfing and SUPing is really being raised around the country. It is common place now that at beaches all over the UK and Ireland people, who never previously dreamt of it, are rolling into manoeuvres like forward and push loops. The addition of the helmet just seems to give that little bit of confidence that many people need to get them to pull that trigger and go for it! The Gath helmets are simply the lightest, best fitting and toughest helmets on the market and have two decades of history behind them. With temperatures dropping  rapidly now a Gath lid as the added bonus of taking the sting out of the air as well as boom, mast, board and water. Graham Ezzy can't be wrong!



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