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Mctavish Stand up paddle boards have arrived SUP

Mctavish SUP's have arrived We are pleased to annouce the arrival of the 2010 Mctavish stand up paddle boards. All of these boards are available to rent.

Over to Bob and his team to explain more about the shpaes and designs.

The McTavish SUP range consists of 3 performance models that have been developed at McTavish HQ over the past 12 months, and there's something for everybody in the range.
The 10 footer is a perfect platform for beginners, and the 9'6" and 9'0" offer high performance riding for the intermediate and advanced customers.
Bob has worked extensively with Ray Gleave, Alan Atkins, and many other SUP customers to get these boards to the cutting edge of SUP design. The boards borrow heavily from proven surfboard models in the McTavish range, so performance is guaranteed.
9'0" SUP MODEL - The 9'0" McTavish SUP is the highest performer in the SUP range, suited to conditions 3ft and over, right up to 8-10ft. The template is narrow in the nose, like a conventional Shortboard, and features a single flyer tail template, which narrows the tail width, as well as providing a pivot point right under your feet. The rails are also just a blown-up version of a performance Shortboard rail, giving maximum control and feedback. The Quad + centre box fin set-up allows for a variety of fin configurations, to suit the riders preference. This board is for the advanced rider from 60-90KG, and light-weight intermediates.
9'6" SUP MODEL - The 9'6" McTavish SUP is a perfect all-rounder, suited to beginners under 90KG, and intermediate/ advanced riders under 110KG. The 9'6" has a fuller 'fish' style template, with a bit more width in the nose and tail, and fuller rails. This give maximum buoyancy and control while paddling, but doesn't compromise on performance when you get going. The double flyer tail design brings the template in where your feet pivot the board, for easy rail to rail surfing. Best suited to waves from 2 to 6-8 ft. The Quad + centre box fin set-up gives maximum versatility, and practical features like the centre carry handle and EVA foam deck make this an easy SUP to live with.
10'0" SUP MODEL - The 10'0" SUP is the workhorse of the McTavish range, able to handle beginners up to 100KG, and advanced riders up to 120KG. This board has plenty of floatation, but still rips once you're moving. The template and rails borrow heavily from our successful 'Carver Fish' model, and the rocker profile is more progressive than a lot of larger SUP's. The twin-flyer tail template brings in the tail width for more response off the tail, while the straighter rail curve allows for stable walking, and extra trim speed. The Quad + centre box fin set-up allows you to start out with a 2+1 set-up, getting a feel for the board, and move onto a quad when you want to loosen things up. This is one for the bigger guy, looking for real performance.

mctavish_sup_2010_003_small mctavish_sup_2010_005_small


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