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Kaindl Windtronic 2 now is stock at the surf shop

Kaindl Windtronic 2 anemometers/windmeter now in stock


Kaindl Windtronic 2 Anemometer/windmeter €95

Comes with FREE Protective nylon case and 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.
Ease of Operation
The cup principle eliminates the cumbersome need of orienting the device as measurements are obtained irrespective of wind direction. A major benefit in practical use that provides accurate readings at any time.

Clear LCD Display
The large LCD display shows the following readings:
Current wind speed
Max. wind speed (MX)
Average wind speed (AV)
Bar graph of current Beaufort values
Measured Units
By a simple push of a button you may select one of the following units: KM/H (Kilometers/Hours), KTS (Knots), M/S (Meter/Second), MPH (Miles/Hour)
Manual or Staionary Operation
An integrated tripod thread allows you to make temporary stationary use of Windtronic 2.


Accurate Readings
A combination of precision mechanics and quartz-controlled electronics guarantees the highes level of accuracy over the entire temperature range.
Minimal Energy Consumption
A standard lithium battery will supply your wind meter with power for approximately 10 years. After that time, you can simply replace the battery yourself.
German Quality workmanship
Postage available call 066 7139411

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