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Sorky Ear Plugs at Jamie Knox watersports Surf Shop

Sorky ear plugs in surf shop now


Just arrived in the surf shop new Sorky ear plugs, tested and approved by medical bodies this great little ear plug is the way to go for ear protection. Protects from Water,wind, cold and pollution.

€39 per pair

SORKY is a revolutionary ear water protection device that through ground breaking technological is the first in its field to offer protection, comfort and reliability while in the water. Offers complete ear canal water sealing with truly unmatched surrounding sound transmission and easy application, blowing existing plugs out of the water and reinventingear protection for the 21st Century.

Technical features

The cutting edge technology behind the development of the pure silicone part of the ear plug thrusts SORKY to the forefront of its field with its spine (ergonomic and durable) being specifically shaped to adapt to sensitive skin and ensure easy insertion and a softer feel against the wall of the ear canal.
The material used is completely hypoallergenic, chlorine-proof, salt-water-proof, and water repellent.
In a nutshell, the SORKY is suitable for the entire wide range of water sports: swimming, windsurfing, surfing, kiteboarding, and kayaking among others...
Another innovation from Sorkuntza is the design and the internal physical structure of the protection, technologically conceived to limit pressure around the wall of the ear duct (meatus). Once inserted the Sorky becomes one with you inner ear. At last an end to the discomfort and pain of clogged ears and eardrum compression.

SORKY WATERTIGHT sealing system
The sheer performance and perfect ear adaptability can be explained by simply following the laws of physics.
The cup and its additional rib ensure effective sealing.

The SORKY, unlike any other ear plug on the market, once inserted into the ear canal, remains in place. This is largely thanks to our addition of patented hardener on the removal tab to preventing the plug from turning or twisting during movement or in action. The cup and its rib ensure a secure fit every time.

The SORKY utilizes the natural outer ear (pinna) for clear and concise sound wave transmission thanks to the streamlined efficient protection shape.
The SORKY is a breathing ear protection device greatly thanks to the quality design standards of the membrane and its frame guaranteeing the plug fits perfectly in the ear canal any time, every time. (The SORKY is a breathing ear protection device greatly thanks to the quality design standards of the membrane and silicone ear plug guaranteeing that the SORKY fits perfectly in the ear canal any time, every time.)
A major breakthrough in the prevention against discomfort and ear clogging for professional and leisure watersport enthusiasts alike!

The SORKY ear protection is a solution which provides access to technology. Its design meets the quality standards and excellence requirements of the French Based Research and Development Medical and Technological Service of “Sport Contrôle” Institute.

Silicone: SORKY is made of silicone which is injection-moulded in a laboratory environment and manufactured using translucent LSR-type silicone and cold press moulding technology for greater precision.
Design: The SORKY design was developed using aerospace design tools, leading industrial ergonomics and creativity methods used in advanced technologies. These have been used to great effect to protect the sensitive cartilaginous part of the ear. This enables children and adults alike to continue enjoying a multitude of sporting and leisure activities.) The guaranteed watertight SORKY seal and design enables this with unparalleled success.

Membrane: This unique innovative technical feature provides extremely accurate acoustic results and allows continuous breathing of the inner ear and retention of solid or liquid particles. These innovations allow the auditory system’s hearing and proprioceptive abilities to function normally so that the user maintains natural contact with his surroundings. This membrane also allows the equalization of pressure build-up due to its microporous structure. At the same time it enables immersion up to 3m depth during 1 minute.



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