South Point Bonga SUP's

South Point Bonga SUP's

We now have stock of the 10'6" South Point "Bonga" SUP's in the surf shop.
This SUP is an ideal family/one board does it all, as it is capable of messing around on flat water with the kids, doing some distance training but will also excel in the waves for the more adventurous riders
We also have the 9'6",10' and the 10'6" as demo/rental boards
“The 9'6" is based on Bonga’s every day, in-the-surf, stand-up paddle board. This board’s really well balanced, it’s wide point is forward, step deck rail, mediumwide width. This combination allows it to cover a wide variety of wave sizes and breaks . For performance minded riders it’s likely to be the only board they’ll need.” - Carl Schaper

“The 10' is Bonga’s high-performance, wave riding stand-up design. The most noticeable feature of the design is the step-deck and rail. This unique configuration creates a full volume board with disproportionately thin rails. The thinner rails allow the board to bottom turn, carve and fit in the pocket much like a standard longboard. Already proven a contest winner, it’s designed as a dedicated in-the-surf Standup.”

- Carl Schaper

''The 10'6'' is a versatile design that accommodates riders of different sizes and skill levels in a multitude of conditions. It's an excellent board for heavier riders in the surf or intermediates who want stability for catching their first waves. Wide point forward with step deck rail , it carves turns on the face like a much smaller board. This one's a great all-terrain cruiser too!'' - Carl Schaper
9'6" & 10'6" Boards
The 10' has gone AWOL with Jamie (it's that good)

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