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EQ love earplugs

€ 45.00

EQ Love Earplugs

The EQ earplug consists of a membrane holder and a Sympatex® membrane. The membrane holder is made of hypoallergenic, hydrophobic medical silicone, resistant to chlorine, seawater and temperatures between -10°C and 60°C. Consisting of a fin and a cup, it is placed behind the first curvature of the ear canal to guarantee the waterproofness of the ear while preserving comfort and long-lasting support in the ear.


The Sympatex® waterproof and breathable membrane allows air to circulate between the eardrum and the plug, which has the benefit of preserving hearing and balance, while reducing the risk of infection.


The EQ earplugs are supplied with an ergonomic applicator to facilitate insertion of the plug into the ear and is delivered in a carrying tube that can be attached to a key ring.



Waterproofing and comfort



Prevention of ENT problems (otitis, exostosis...)


Sympatex® certified

Composition: medical grade silicone

Diameter: 8 mm | Length: 3 cm

Earplugs made in Spain

Lifetime fault guarantee

One-time earplug-loss guarantee

100% impermeable and 100% wind proof

300% elasticity

Optimal breathability

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